Clinician Resources

These resources are free to use for those implementing the Anticipation Habit or using the ASCEND tool in clinician education. All materials are subject to ourterms of use.




ASCEND Clinician Card

Adapted from the impact-ICU clinician card with permission from UCSF.





ASCEND Clinician Observation Worksheet

Observation and feedback worksheet for clinicians and trainees.




Patient Poster with “things you could say”

Postable guide for patients and includes sample language. For use in patient areas, exam rooms and education. Complements clinician training.




Patient Poster with Prominent headings

Poster for use in patient areas and exam rooms. Complements clinician training and designed to prompt clinician recall of skills.




ASCEND Leader Facilitation Guide

Poster for use in facitlitating communications training.




Podcast: Conversations About End of Life

In Episode 126 of Difficult Converstations with Dr. Anthony Orsini, Drs. Knops and Orsini discuss their personal experiences with having difficult conversations, and tips on how to approach them. Recorded January 26, 2021.



Additional Clinician Resources

These additional resources are available on request.

  • Guide To Integrating ASCEND Into Communications Skill Training – includes case studies from other organziations